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We reached an exclusive contract with North American Firm Dynamic Bicycles Inc for distribution of bicycles throughout Europe, as well as one of its peculiarities already registered at the end of the XIX century, the shaft drive, together with the most advance Shinamo technology (8 speed internal change equivalent to 24 speed in chain models), makes it finally possible to avoid using a chain and to have a cleaner and softer riding with minimum maintenance.

Our audience:

An audience that would wish to ride primarily in urban surroundings, cities, parks, ports, promenades and tourist attractions, ... and that among its hobbies, is also to keep in shape. We hope that this new technology and in particular the one applied to our folding model (Sidekick), will cause admiration not only for its small measurements and quick fold but for another of its main advantages; goodbye to grease stains. Any users, executives, housewives, tourists,.. will be able to move at last, avoiding snags and stains both while riding and when folding and placing the bicycle in an always clean place. Another of our concerns is to promote mobility in cities, reduce our CO2 emissions and finding new solutions for parking bicycles and motorcycles. If you need any further clarification, information on prices, distribution, etc. .... do not hesitate to contact us.

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