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Who we are
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We are dedicated to the wholesale, storage and distribution of gears for the automotive sectors, also offering fast and flexible solutions for manufacturing and shipping.

We are specialised in transmission components, spiral and bevel gears as well as other parts for axles, used in numerous applications of the automotive sector like the mining industry, construction or transport.
Aside from this, our products can be found in other industrial sectors.

From our central facilities, located in the north of Spain and in an area of important route in metal transformation, we offer our technical knowledge in the matter, this positions us at the highest level of the of industrial supply chain.

Throughout the years, we have developed our own network of clients and we are present in numerous countries around the world.

We concentrate solely in providing products of great quality with the best possible price, which in turn helps us to be one of the first possible options for original equipment manufactures and other spare part clients. We continue in this line of business because it is what our customers demand and need.

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